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What Are Garden Trains?

Believe it or not they are trains that you can run outside in your yard. They are not the kind that you ride on at a local park, but are about the size of a large loaf of bread. They are of very high quality and many have smoke, sound and look just like real trains, just smaller. Garden Trains are more commonly referred to as Large Scale Trains.

Some people refer to them as G Scale Trains and even others refer to them as Big Trains. They all run on the same size track and use the same power supplies. Yes, you can leave the track outside because it is specialy treated for being in the sun and cold.

This is a hobby that has been around for over a century. In the last 10 years this hobby has taken on an all-new excitement. It is a hobby that families can do outside, at home and do it all together. It is one of the fastest growing family hobbies.

This hobby has a lot of variations. Why? Because we run the trains outside. So just like real trains your railroad empire encounters the real elements of nature. Where you live will determine how you do things. What will work in Florida, just may not work in Idaho. There really is nothing like watching your Large Scale Train running in the snow!

The best part of the hobby is that there is no right or wrong way to do things. You will find the people who do Large Scale Trains are some of the most helpful, friendliest people who run trains.
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What was your biggest Garden Train mistake?

Jerome McColgan: The lesson I learned was that there are a lot of helpful folks online but their advice should never be accepted without the realization that they may have totally different standards and objectives than I do and it is often best to get several opinions before doing anything that can have permanent or expensive results.

Joe Fotschky: Buying trains is not a wise investment if you plan to retire on the profits you make. Buy what you like and play with them. If some one gives you the line about "collectors item", "won't be around long", etc etc. run like the wind away from that person and spend your money elsewhere.